Peace Of Mind

Any kind of pest infestation on your property is stressful, especially when it is bad enough to warrant contacting a pest controller to come and take care of it for you. The last thing you want on top of that is to be exposed to chemicals as well as pest damage in your home. Diamond Pest Control completely understand. They are reliable with their pest control, and can often treat pests in your home without using methods that are toxic to your family. This offers you better peace of mind when handling pest control problems.

No Harm Done

When you use chemical pest control, you have to reapply the treatment regularly for it to be effective. Even then, the effects are only short term. If you are using these chemicals in your garden for example, they can be incredibly harmful to your plants. Grass and flowers will shrivel up when they come into contact with these potent substances. They will also permeate your soil so that plants and grass can’t grow there again.

No Strong Smells

Chemical pest control treatments have a certain odour to them. This smell will hang around for days, with some being very dangerous to inhale. Eco pest control leaves no odour behind. This keeps you safe from inhaling toxic fumes after a treatment has been carried out. Let’s face it, living in a large city like London means breathing in enough fumes. You don’t need them when you are having pest control in London too.


Safer For Children And Pets

Pesticides are hazardous and have been designed to kill. Whilst each treatment is aimed at exterminating a pest, other people and animals are exposed to them as well. Pets and children are particularly at risk from these chemicals, which is why it’s much safer to use eco pest control methods wherever the option is viable.

Much More Convenient

In days gone by, if you had a pest infestation you had to leave the house for a few days. This made it even more inconvenient to have pests in your home. With eco pest control, there are no toxins involved. During treatment, you won’t have to leave your home for safety reasons. In fact, these methods cause minimal disruption to your home life.

Why We Provide Eco Pest Control

Diamond try to provide eco pest control to our clients as much as possible. Pest control companies have a huge responsibility for the environment as part of their job. Wherever realistic and feasible, it is always better to use eco and eco-friendly treatments over chemical methods to keep the earth, and you, safe.