White Ant Treatment

When it comes to ant extermination, Certain climatic conditions can cause the need for regular monitoring. Having regular Inspections and treatments for white ants must be continuously ongoing as required. New colonies of ants can chew their way through your wooden fence and start eyeing your doors and windows before you know it.

White Ant Control, Why Constant Vigilance is the Key

Commercial, industrial, and residential pest control go hand in hand with humid subtropical climates and you want to keep your property investments protected. You can trust the best ant removal company to eradicate your white ant larvae, workers, soldiers, and breeding parents before they consume your rafters, windows, and door frames if you spot them soon enough.

Comprehensive Range of White Ant Control Services

Established white ant colonies can be tens of thousands strong. By only killing a few hundred that you can see is not the solution. Your white ant invaders will regroup, breed and return , which is something you do not want in your building.

Our Ant Control Experts assist home and business owners with ant problems as follows:

  • Pre purchase inspections to identify the presence of white ants in gardens and wooden structures.
  • White ant inspections including all residential, commercial, and industrial areas.
  • White ant colony eradication using the best technology developed to protect both individuals and the environment.
  • Ongoing advice for clients regarding keeping their buildings under safe environmental control

Our Promise to You: Total Quality and Care

We believe in striking a balance between white ant treatment and inspection, and a healthy respect for the environment and the comfort and satisfaction of our clients. The Safe Organic treatments we use are fully compliant with the local environmental laws.

​We believe pest control management, as well as healthy pets and families belong together. We would want things no other way. We eliminate ant invasions and other annoying pests.

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