The biggest reason why pest control companies are so proud to offer an emergency call out service is so that you don’t have to suffer. There are too many risks involved with pest infestations, which is why they act quickly and efficiently to make sure you, your business and your family remain protected. Mark from Pest Exterminators Essex, a company based within their local Essex community, gives his take on what a 24 hour service can offer commercial clients.

More Effective Treatments

Having emergency pest control when a pest infestation has just begun, makes his job a lot easier, Mark tells us. A small pest infestation is much easier to treat. Being able to access them at night also means they will be more active, so we can catch a larger percentage of them. This also allows us to monitor their habits and behaviour. Observing them like this on an emergency callout usually helps technicians to determine a plan of action if they can’t treat the problem at that moment in time.

Keeps Your Business Reputation

Owning a business means you want to be professional and on top of things at the highest level. Having a pest control company that offers a 24 hour callout shows your customers and the general public that you take your problems seriously. Solving a pest problem straight away, as soon as it arises in your business, will also keep your reputation intact. There are a lot of businesses in the Essex are, for example, and you want people to pock yours above your competitors.

When you notice the first sign of pests in your business, particularly if you own a hotel or restaurant, it is always advisable to get in touch with your pest control company straight away. If you don’t already have one, contact someone reliable to discuss pest control contracts. That way, you can take advantage of having 24 hour pest control services on tap, whenever the need arises.

Much Less Risky

Letting pests fester in your property means they will cause an ever increasing amount of damage. The dangers are not just limited to the building itself either. The health of your customers and staff are at risk too. Being able to have a pest control technician visit your property immediately stops insects, birds and rodents from causing too much harm.

Remember that certain pests such as rodents only have to chew through one wire or pipe to cause a fire or flood. That can mean the loss of an enormous amount of stock, or the building itself. Having pests in your food stores can lead to just as much trouble. Whether you are in Essex or anywhere else in the world, they spread some serious illnesses and pose a genuine emergency situation. None of these are things you want to deal with, so you need to act fast.