Beehive, Wasp, Hornet and Stinging Pest Removal

In early summer, bees benefit from a bonus crop of pollen from spring flowers. Their numbers increase until there are too many for their hives. Populations divide, fly away, and settle in several more restless swarms, as the first stage to forming a new hive often requiring urban pest control. This is the same for Wasps and Hornets

​Residents with the problem of having stinging insects like Wasps and Hornets around there property should not disturb these hives or they will get angry and sting. Remove any pets and people from the area. Summon Natural Pest Solutions beehive removal service before they attack.

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If you have an aggressive hive forming in a tree outside a bedroom window, in the garden shed or worse still in the cavity of a house or wall, the chances are you are dealing with a swarm of aggressive European Honey Bees Apis Mellifera. , Wasps or Hornets Nests.

You need residential pest control urgently. There is a strong likelihood of them attacking a family member or pet increases as they settle in and expand there nests. Your problem is not going to go away but rather multiply!​

Natural Pest Solutions Safe, Responsible Ways of Beehive Removal

Bees play an important role in our agricultural food chain as they go about their business of pollinating flowers. If we eradicate the species, we seriously damage the food chain so we have to control them.

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