Bed Bug Treatment

The bed bugs we thought we had eradicated are back again in your home with a vengeance. They can drink our blood while we are asleep after thinning it with anticoagulants, and enjoy their meal at their favorite ambient temperature, human body heat.

The first things we notice are reddish spots on our faces, necks, and arms when we awake. When that happens, call in pest control. Bed Bug specialists are Natural Pest Solutions. We kill bed bugs stone cold and they are gone.

Kill Bed Bugs Fast with Pest Control. Needs Expert Attention

Bed bugs love to hide in folds in sheets and mattresses where our humid subtropical climate keeps them snug all day long until we return to bed at night.

These vermin parasites breed at an alarming rate. If you spray them with an aerosol but miss a single mating pair you could have over 1,000 sleeping companions back again in three weeks’ time.​

What About the Environment? Making Residential Pest Control Safe.

Bed bugs are a European phenomenon first mentioned in Rome in 77 AD, when they used their anticoagulant bites to treat snakebites and ear infections. They may have arrived in Australia in a GI’s bedding when they were a serious problem at U.S. bases. They play no useful role in our food chain. We would be better off without them any way we look at it.

We treat Bed Bugs and we kill bed bugs stone dead forever as follows:

  • There is no need to throw away your expensive mattresses and bedding
  • We offer a comprehensive bed bug pest inspection that is all inclusive
  • We use a combination of traps and latest proven chemical technology
  • The chemicals we use are certified not to harm other living creatures

Natural Pest Solutions services are in demand. We deliver bed bug eradications near me. and our eradication system works.

Contact us for the best pest control people trust, because we guarantee success.

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