Need Effective Mosquito Control Services?

Do you spend more time slapping mosquitoes away than enjoying your yard? Are you tired of getting eaten alive by mosquitoes? Pest Medic Solutions is your smart choice for mosquito control in the Shreveport and surrounding Lousiana areas.

We offer monthly mosquito control services that will cut your mosquito problem down to size. We’ll return to your property between treatments for free if mosquito issues return before your next appointment.

Every mosquito problem is different. Our careful use of repellents, coupled with our studious technique and years of experience will allow us to craft a solution that is particular to your problem. First we determine the species of mosquitoes that are infesting your property in Shreveport, LA,. Then we determine the source of the problem, which is usually standing water, piles of soggy leaves or tall grasses. Even though we eliminate the larvae, mosquitoes can come in from elsewhere and “set up home,” so you still need to kill the adult mosquitoes still alive.

Get a free estimate from Pest Medic Solutions as soon as possible.


Natural Pest Solutions will conduct a complete evaluation of your property to determine the best treatment plan for your home or business. Then, we’ll:

  • Apply a granular treatment in the yard
  • Fog the area where the mosquitoes are coming from
  • Continue to treat the area for as long as you’d like

Our granular treatment combats mosquitos and 50 other types of insects in the process. One treatment is guaranteed to keep mosquitoes away for 30 days, but we can continue to come to your property throughout the season. Protect your yard and your family from bothersome mosquitoes and call our mosquito control specialists in Shreveport & surrounding LA areas.

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