Termites are one of the most destructive insect pests that you can find. These insects are able to digest the cellulose of wood, which means they can easily chew up wood furniture and any other structures made of wood. It is, therefore, crucial that you know what to look for so that you can quickly prevent a termite infestation from becoming worse.

Read further to learn about the signs of termite infestations to look for.

  1. The presence of mud tubes

Muddy tubes are a sign that you have subterranean termites. These little insects build tubes of mud to travel along while moving from one place to another. The tubes help protect the insects from drying out. You should be particularly alarmed if you see this on the walls of your house or near the foundation. This likely means termites are, or will soon be tunneling their way into your home.

  1. Presence of the actual insects or body parts

Although not common, you may actually see a live termite or else wings or exoskeleton somewhere inside your home. Note that most termites are very small and often are hidden within structures so it is not often you will see them. The wings are only found on the reproductive stage, which swarms when ready to mate. It is at this time that you may see a number of winged individuals in or very close to your home.

  1. Deformed paint

Paint on wooden structures may suddenly look strange as though there are bubbles underneath. This does not always mean that there are termites because excess moisture can have the same result.

  1. Damaged wood

Termites often feed inside wooden structures so it takes careful examination to notice if wood is damaged. Wood may suddenly fall apart or you may find that wooden floors start to sag or holes begin to form as the wood is eaten away.

  1. Doors and windows that keep sticking

If you suddenly notice that your doors or windows seem to get stuck when you try to close them, then you may have termites. This is particularly true if there is wood surrounding or making up these building elements. Termites are not the only cause of stuck doors and windows because changes in moisture or even moving earth can cause this, but it is worth checking if you have a termite problem.

  1. Termite droppings

The termites produce droppings that are brown and very fine, almost like sawdust. Any strange accumulation of tiny brown pieces near wooden structures should be investigated further because even if there are no termites present, it could mean you have another wood-boring pest in the home.

You should inspect your home and all your furniture, regularly to make sure that you do not have any insect pests in your home. Using the different signs discussed above, can help you decide if you need to consult and hire an expert to control your termite infestation.