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Day One Of Your New Pest Prevention Routine Should Be Today!

Having a proper pest prevention routine is very important for your family home. It is vital to everyone in your household safe. Which is why we have brought you this pest control guide to help you start your pest proofing routine today.

Our colleagues in London, Empire Pest Control have put together this great little guide on carrying out an effective pest prevention routine.

  • De-clutter – Keeping disorganised items around your home provides pests with hiding places. Cardboard boxes, items that are rarely used, piles of newspapers and general clutter are all potential pest hiding places. If you need to store items like these, you should remove the clutter from your home. One option is to store the items in a garage for example, and nd place them in air tight containers. Where possible, you should tackle clutter on the outside of your home too. Focusing on trimming back plants and bushes outside your home stops pests from hiding there or using them as a bridge to gain access to the property.
  • Seal any pest entrances – Pests will find any sort of gap or hole around your home if it means they can gain access. Some pests such as squirrels and cockroaches a
  • re experts at finding and utilising these entry points. Give your home a thorough going over to find any cracks in the foundation, missing tiles or brickwork and gaps between plumbing and pipes. If you find any gaps that a pencil could fit into, a pest can use it to get into your home. These are the gaps and cracks that need to be sealed. Keeping a well-maintained home means you will lessen your chances of suffering from a pest infestation the damage that cause.
  • Manage waste disposal well – Bins are a hotspot for pests. Having a bin that’s overflowing or with a loose lid will give a pest an easy meal. And once a pest has had one easy meal, they will keep coming back and bring their friends with them. Move your outdoor bins away from the entrance to your home. Indoor garbage should be properly disposed of in tightly sealed bins, which should be emptied frequently in warmer weather. If you recycle, was out out the recycled items before you put them in the allocated bin. This can be especially important if your area is known for rodent problems.
  • Keep food properly stored – We all need to store food, but when you do, make sure it’s in sealed, airtight, sturdy containers. Then put it in the fridge or in a cupboard that fastens correctly. Pests can chew through some types of packaging. It’s best to make sure that whatever your using to store your food will be hardy against pests. If you like to keep fresh fruit, it’s advised to put it in the fridge and not leave it out in fruit bowls. Fruit flies can be attracted to overripe fruit at the bottom of the bowl. The same is true for pet food – make sure it’s stored properly and disposed of after each meal.
  • Clean the house – Pests hate cleanliness. So as part of your pest prevention routine, it’s a good idea to improve your cleaning routine too. Sweep up even the smallest crumbs and mop your floors to get rid of food residue. Don’t leave your dishes to soak overnight either. Any leftover food is also a big attraction for pests.



These steps will go a long way to keeping pest out of your property. However if you find a pest problem in your home, make sure to get it treated as soon as possible. We are always on hand to give you. Advice and top quality services.


Contributed by: Natural Pest Solutions- Foremost Experts in Pest management and Control.