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Keeping Your Family Safe And Protected While Having Pest Control

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When you have children and pets running around your home, the last thing you want as an addition to the family are pests. They carry disease and threaten the integrity of your property. But the risks of having an infestation are not your only concern. Safe pest control is also imperative around small children.

Pest control services need to be contacted without delay if you are having a pest problem in your home. This is vital for your family’s health. However there are other things you can be doing to keep your family protected. In this post, our colleagues over at Catch-it Ltd in London explain how to do just that.


  1. Minimise exposure – You may want to reduce the impact of any chemicals used to get rid of pests when you have a family. Professionals will only use chemicals when the pest problem can’t be dealt with through any other means. For example, bed bugs and other pests can be treated with heat instead of chemicals. And rodents can be trapped.
  2. Follow your technician’s advice – The less you expose your family to the chemicals used in pest control treatments the better. Always stay away from the property for as long as has been suggested by your technician. Then ask your pest controller’s advice about how to clean up after a treatment.
  3. Read the labels – If you are applying any chemicals yourself in the case of a minor pest problem, you need to read the labels carefully. Every genuine pest control product will have strict instructions when it comes to application, exposure and storage. Follow these to the letter to protect your family and keep them safe from any potential pesticide hazards.
  4. Ask the right questions – Reaching out to your local pest professional means you have made a sensible decision. Make the most of your professional consultation by asking your technician any relevant questions. Find out all you can about what ways to keep your family and pets safe during and following treatment.
  5. Use effective natural methods – There are lots of safer and more natural pest control methods available than ever before. The best pest controllers offer green or natural solutions to treat a range of pest problems. It’s recommended that non-chemical methods are used for pest control as a first option before going down the chemical route. Natural ways to eliminate pests from a home include exclusion – screening and sealing openings. Home owners can also do more to prevent pests, like keepings things clean, disposing of rubbish properly, keeping on top of the gardening including landscaping and de-weeding. You can find lots of natural solution tips online too.
  6. Research – Do your homework and really consider what will be the best way to get rid of unwanted pests from your home. You need to make sure you have the best option to keep your family safe and protected. Doing some proper research will yield a few solutions you could use instead of using chemicals.


Contributed by: Natural Pest Solutions Experts in natural Pest control and family safety.