Tips that Will Wipe Out the Flies From Your Home

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House flies are uninvited guests that stay rent free and soil the freshness of your home and food that you prepare. There are easier ways to wipe away flies and prevent them from infesting your home. Whether you stay in a rural or an urban area, houseflies are a common problem every home dweller faces. You can follow a few primary tips like keeping the food covered, doors and windows closed, and potting plants that deflect flies and keep the air fresh. Avoid moisture at home if you do not want to attract flies. Keep the place dry and avoid dampness as it retains moisture attracting flies and all kinds of pests. Listed below are some surefire ways that will help you in getting rid of flies from your home.

Take care of your pet’s hygiene

Pets easily attract ticks and flies. Take them to a vet and do the cleanup routine, so they stay healthy and do not attract flies or any other pests. Keep your pet infection and virus free, so you stay in a healthy environment. Well, you will agree with the fact that when you have pets at your home, you will witness their hair all around the home. This makes the home messy, so you need have a pet hair vacuum cleaner. You can visit crushreviews.com in order to get reviews on several pet hair vacuum cleaners so that you can select the one for your home.

Keep the kitchen clean

Do away with dirty dishes, or stale food. It easily attracts flies, and they linger longer when this is the case. Trash that is not emptied or any corner that is ridden with dirt and garbage attracts these unwanted house guests. The surprising thing is, flies lay hundreds of eggs at a moment, and it won’t take a lot of time for them to hatch. Do away with the flies within 24 hours of the infestation else it will not be easy to get rid of them.

Remove clutter and decaying matter

Flies love piles of trash and decay. Mow the lawn and keep it fresh. Remove all the clutter from home and keep your garden manicured. All the gardening compost must not be placed inside the house as it can easily attract flies.


Use these potted plants

Plants like mint and lavender keep the flies away. You can also plant herbs like basil and lemongrass as they deflect flies and keep the air inside your house clean. Use these potted plants in the front door as well as the backdoor. You can create a flower bed and use these plants in them as well.


Do not allow the water to stand

Drain water and keep the areas like bathrooms moisture free. Do not let the water to stand either in the kitchen or the bathroom. If you have a birdbath, change water regularly and keep any of the water bodies clean. The surrounding areas of the water bodies must be dry. Seal all the water leaks and check the air conditioning units as well.


Hang a bag full of water as this prevents the flies from entering home and keeps your home clean and fresh. You can use fly traps, flypaper that is sticky and put it on the outside. There are umpteen ways to create a fly trap. Either use a mesh or a combination of molasses and cornmeal and leave it open for flies to get attracted.

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