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Pest Problems Hotels Face

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Running a hotel comes with many challenges. It can seem like every day something is breaking down or going wrong. Employees call out sick, and you have to jump through hoops to get their slots filled, or you’re in search of a new employee and you can’t seem to find the right person to fill the position. Technology breaks down and you have to get it fixed quickly to avoid complaints, or you’re endlessly researching what upgrades you need to make in order to keep up with the ever-changing technology needs of your guests. You wear a lot of hats and deal with a lot of pressures. The last thing you need is a pest problem. Here are some common pests that frustrate the hotel industry in our Minnesota service area, and what you need to know to get them under control.


Whether you serve food to your guests or not, cockroaches can take root and multiply in your hotel. These insects can compact their bodies and squeeze through tight gaps, scale walls at top speed, and run across ceilings. It is exceptionally hard to keep these resourceful insects out. Even if you seal every hole you can find in your exterior walls, cockroaches can still get in. The best way to fully exclude these dirty pests is with a perimeter treatment and routine surveillance from a trained and certified professional.


Mice and rats can leap high and squeeze through surprisingly small holes. They’re also able to make tiny holes large enough to get through by using their sharp teeth. If you’re hoping to keep these furry bacteria-spreading pests out, good luck. The best way to prevent rodent problems is to address them before they get in. Professionals apply traps strategically around foundation perimeters, according to well-established methods, to reduce rodent populations and monitor pest pressures.

Bed Bugs

In the last three decades, these insects have returned to Canada with a vengeance. They are a unique pest problem. They don’t exploit entry points in your exterior walls and foundation. They come into your business on your guests. There is no better way to protect a hotel from the threat of bed bugs than routine inspections with bed bug inspectors. When combined with targeted treatments, you don’t have to let the bed bugs bite your guests.

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