At the end of every year, countless articles are written predicting the trends for the coming year. In December 2019, just about everyone got it all wrong. 2020 has been a year unlike any other, and we have used the word “unprecedented” far more often than we would have liked.

At this point in the year, it is fair to say that we no longer have any idea of what is going to happen in the future. Year end lists are going to be very different. However, we can assess how the year has panned out.

In 2020, pest control has changed just like every other industry. Here is how pear control is different in the chaos of 2020.

Homes are full

Usually, pest control is best carried out when everyone in a family is at school or work. In 2020, that is almost never the case. With work-from-home and Zoom classes having become the new normal, there is never a “good” time for a pest control visit.

Because of this, pest control companies have had to figure out how to do a good job with a full house. They have had to adapt to splitting certain jobs between multiple days, just so that the family has somewhere to spend their time during the process.

They have also had to find ways to take particular care not to make the space unliveable even for a small amount of time.

Offices are empty

how-pest-control-changes-in-2020On the other hand, many buildings are empty most of the time. While this makes it easier for pest control companies to do their jobs, it has another consequence. The lack of people and less regular cleaning has left many buildings open to pest infestations.

Pest control companies have had to pay more regular visits to many office buildings. They have had to work together with building owners to figure out workable plans that are cost effective. Pest control companies have also had to train building maintenance officers in terms of continuing good upkeep practices even when a building is empty.

Employee safety is key

If there is one thing we have learned from 2020, it is that many companies don’t treat their employees all that well. We have seen this with major corporations like Amazon, who expect employees to come to work even when sick and at risk of transmitting illness to their colleagues.

Unfortunately, this is true for some pest control companies as well. One notable example is Terminix, a worldwide corporation that now has a reputation for treating employees poorly. You can find out more about that in this review of Terminix Pest Control company.

In 2020, companies should have stepped up in terms of employee treatment rather than dropped the ball. After all, when employees are sent out on a job, they are being put at risk. The best companies have taken care to improve employee safety protocols, making sure that they can go into strangers’ homes without risking infection.

The pest control industry has changed in 2020. Hopefully, some of the lessons learned will actually help the industry adapt and innovate in the future.


Contributed by: Natural Pest Solutions – Foremost experts in Pest control