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Home Pest Inspections Are Now Available in Scottsdale, AZ

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Home Pest Inspections from Natural Pest Solutions Are Now Available in Scottsdale, AZ

Summary: Natural Pest Solutions, a provider of home pest inspections and organic pest control has now opened its first office in the US. All residents of Scottsdale and the Greater Phoenix Area in Arizona can now be rid of any pests quickly and efficiently.

Natural Pest Solutions is a home pest inspections and control service that made a name for itself in Canada and Australia. From now on. The residents of the US also have a chance to benefit from its expertise in removing pests using a variety of organic and natural solutions. Safe, efficient, and long-term, these are the promises that the service gives its clients when contracted to deal with a pest infestation, and it keeps them diligently.

The new Natural Pest Solutions office is located in Scottsdale, AZ ( However, it services the entire Greater Phoenix Area. This also includes Kamloops (

This new branch has joined the already well-established infrastructure of Natural Pest Solutions in Australia and several offices in Canada. Due to using organic and natural pest control methods, the service is particularly popular in Canada. There its main offices service a big part of the vastly-populated areas of British Columbia. They are located in Surrey ( and Kelowna (

No matter the location, all branches of Natural Pest Solutions provide the same high quality of service. The company ensures quick pest removal, but most importantly, it does not harm the environment.

Natural Pest Solutions is particularly adept in natural scorpion control, which Arizona residents can appreciate greatly. Scorpions are one of the most common pests in the state. The species native to the region, the bark scorpions, are rather dangerous. Therefore, these pests must be removed immediately and thoroughly.

What Does Natural Pest Control in Scottsdale Do Aside From

Natural scorpion control is one of the company’s specialties, emphasized particularly in the new branch due to the pest being common in Arizona. Aside from that service, Natural Pest Control Scottsdale also offers:

  • Home pest inspections.
    This includes pre-purchase inspections that are guaranteed to find any pest-related issues with the property.
  • Natural termite control service.
    The company’s experts can find any kind of termites and effectively remove the infestation.
  • Natural white ant removal.
    This treatment will get rid of baby termites fast.
  • Beehive removal.
    Beehives are removed fast and with minimal damage.
  • Rodent pest control.
    Rodents will be removed using natural methods that are safe for pets and babies.
  • Spider control.
    As Arizona has poisonous spider species, this service is on par with scorpion control in its importance.
  • Bed bug treatment.
    This service will effectively save homeowners lots of headaches and expenses.