Home Pest Control for Ants, Termites & Carpenter Ants Around Your Home

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For Ants

Did you know, by mixing orange peels and water, and spraying the solution outside your home, you can prevent ants from coming in! Bonus: the same thing goes for using orange peels to keep flies away. Hang up orange peel around your patio and it will keep them away. Find more natural ant remedies in this read about how to get rid of ants.

ants-hate-orange-peelFor Carpenter Ants

The carpenter ant carpenter ant is one that usually shows up first before termites show up they swarm about February early March and there will be larger than a termite plus their wings will become a smoky color and they won’t be equal. Now when you get into termites forms what you see is kind of a little tiny black insect that would be you know flying or crawling around you’ll see that they have silver wings rather than the smoky brown of the carpenter ant. They also have the size of pencil lead. Their wings are going to be about twice the length of the body the wings are going to be equal both the hind wings and the front wings. Whereas with carpenter ant the front wings are longer than the hind wings. This is a time for top pest control companies to come out and inspect your house for carpenter ants and for termites – most companies will inspect for you at no charge. If you have carpenter ants, all you need to do is put a spray around the outside spray on the inside with a material where they will take it back they’ll get on their feet they’ll take it back into the nest and they’ll transfer to other ants and kill all the rest of your carpenter ant infestation.

Difference Between Ants and Termites

Difference Between Ants and Termites

For Termites

If you have termites, you can put a bait around your house that will kill the termite colony. Dow AgroSciences has a product and use it now the central bait station. Yoou’re going to see in the ground, with the cap, and the rest of this is buried so that you’re not going to know or see much it’s not going on. The process in not intrusive – this means exterminator or pest control companies do not have to come inside your home. They don’t have to drill inside your home have a chance of hitting pipes and having water damage nor do they have to drill on the outside, nor do they have to trench and tear up your flowerbeds, etc. The pest control liquids are placed in these stations about every 10 to 12 feet around your house.

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With these residential pest control tips, you can keep your home pest free for years to come.


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