Termites – The Silent Killer

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Protecting your home from pests is key. However, sometimes you will find the home is alive and well with insects because they are often seen as the silent killer of the home. These little bugs that you usually do not see is the termites. So what exactly makes the termites the silent killers of the home? How do you not see them? How can you find them? All of these questions are going to be answered and then you can go out and either do a self-evaluation of your home or contact a professional to evaluate your home properly.

What Makes Termites The Silent Home Killer

Well, the answer to this is they are usually not seen or heard. You may be asking yourself how this is possible since you can see and hear almost all the bugs. However, these are the termites that usually only swarm when they are moving and if you do not see the swarm they usually will go undiscovered until they have done quite a bit of damage to the house. So this makes them the silent home killer, but what else hurts is the fact that you cannot hear them when they are eating the wood in your home.

How Do You Not See The Termites?

Well, in most cases the termites are smaller than your fingernail and typically are as large as your cuticle. So this makes them very difficult to see and when they are found they are usually misidentified as some other type of bug. So this will definitely be something that people will be able to overlook. However, if you are able to find the swarm of the termites you can identify them and know that you are going to be combating termite problems.

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How Can I Locate Them

identifying termite damage

Identifying Termite Damage

Well, it is not so much being able to locate them as having routine termite inspections done. These inspections will evaluate the home for any signs of termite damage. This damage can include anything from tracks in the wood; it will look like little grooves in the wood to a lot of sawdust. However, as we mentioned if you see a swarm of the bugs then the chances are good you will be able to identify them. Also if you have any type of bugs on the ground that you are unsure what they are, have them identified. These are all good ways for you to find out if you have termite infestation and know if you need to contact a professional or not.

Buyer Beware

In Australia, termites cause billions of dollars of damage every year. If you’re in the market for a new home or investment property be sure to arrange for combined building and pest inspections from a licenced provider.

Termites may not seem like they would be a major issue. However, termites are often seen as the silent killer for a home. When you know just why these are called the silent killer it will be very easy for you to see a routine inspection is the best way to prevent them for attacking your home. Then you will be able to protect your home from any infestations that can happen to your house.


Contributed by: Natural Pest Solutions experts in Termite detection and extermination.