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Different Pest Control Options

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Pest Control Options

For most people, bugs are not a welcome sight in their home. Whether you’ve spotted some spiders, roaches, gnats, or other creepy crawlies in your living space, you probably want to get rid of them. The very best way to rid of them is to make sure you don’t attract them in the first place. If that doesn’t work, hiring a qualified pest control company to take care of the problem.

To ensure your home doesn’t become overrun by pests and rodents, make sure you don’t leave out any food or make sure it is in a sealed container. Trash should be removed regularly and don’t leave out stacks of newspapers, wood or cardboard because these are the places pests can breed. If you find any holes or cracks that bugs can get in, try to seal them to stop them from entering. If you take steps like these and you still find you have pests in your home, exterminating is the next step. Here are some more helpful options to help you rid your home of pests as outlined from our friends in Arizona that offer pest control in Phoenix.

Solutions You Can Try

You can attempt to get rid of the bugs yourself by using baits or store bought methods. Make sure they are approved for use inside your home if that is where your problem exists. They may work if you have a slight pest problem, but if you cannot seem to stop their infestation, you will need some stronger insecticide. Try to avoid fogging your home with chemicals if possible; they can be harmful, especially to children and pets. If your home is completely overrunning with critters, fogging or a professional exterminator might be the only defense. If using your own store bought remedy, make sure to follow instructions and use only ready to use products so that you are not responsible for mixing chemicals.

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Cautions for Do it Yourself Pest Control

Don’t use too much either; make sure to follow the recommendations so as not to potentially harm yourself or your family with an overabundance of chemicals. Outdoor chemicals should only be used outdoors; using them indoors can be hazardous because the insecticide does not dissipate as quickly. To protect yourself, you should wear a mask when spraying the chemicals, indoors or outdoors and keep kids and pets from the areas where the insecticide is being applied. Once you are finished applying the chemicals, dispose of any leftovers so they are not accidentally ingested or spilled. Since these are hazardous chemicals, you will need to ensure you are disposing of them properly. Read the label for clarification. If you intend to treat the home again, make sure these chemicals are safely locked away until you use them again. Do not transfer them to another container and don’t store anything other than the insecticide in its original container; no matter how much you may rinse it out, there will still be leftover chemicals in the bottle that could potentially harm someone! Remember, too, that if the chemicals are stored too long, they will lose their effectiveness.

Recommendations For Best Results

The bug or rodent problem may be too extensive for you to handle yourself; it may be time to call in the professionals. There are many good reasons to let someone with expertise in the field handle this situation—first and foremost, you don’t have to deal with the bugs or rodents firsthand! Professional pest control specialists are also trained to determine the source of the infestation, not just spray for bugs. If the source can be treated, then your home only needs to be sprayed for regular maintenance.

As nasty looking as insects and rodents are to see scampering through your home, they are also a health hazard. Certain bugs and pests can carry diseases or can bite or sting, so it is important to get rid of them—quickly and effectively. And depending upon the kind of infestation you may have, these critters can also ruin your home’s foundation, your walls, or your flooring. If you have ever seen a home damaged by termites, you know that the cost associated with killing them is much less than the destruction they can cause to your home. The problem you may encounter if you try to eradicate any pest yourself is that it is not an exact science; the combination of chemicals you buy may not be the proper ones to get rid of the particular pest that is plaguing you.


A pest control company will use the correct formulas, traps and insecticides in the right measure to eradicate those nasty intruders. The proper mix of chemicals used by a professional company will also be stronger than the over the counter type of poison, and it should be handled by qualified personnel. Pest exterminators are trained to work with hazardous chemicals and they are also educated on handling particular problems, like bee hive removal, with special care.


While ridding your home of unwanted visitors, you want to make sure the pest elimination company you use has a good reputation for eliminating pests, and possibly offers a free re-treat if the first attempt at killing the pests doesn’t work. You are wise to ask questions of the company you hire, like the amount of experience they have, how they train their technicians and how often they encounter a problem like yours. You can investigate the company online at the Better Business Bureau and the state pesticide regulatory office to ensure they are in good standing and have the proper certifications and licenses. Many pest control services will also provide you an estimate in writing; compare them against one another to see if they offer the same services for the same price. If you are committed to a long term contract, you will want to determine what it includes and what happens if you are unsatisfied with their service. Their customer service is key; you don’t want to invite someone into your home to help you with a problem if you don’t feel comfortable with them or they are not willing to listen to your concerns. Lastly, you will want to discuss the potential hazards of the chemicals the company will be using and ask them for the information about the pesticides they will be using. You will want to know what they are using so you may investigate the product yourself. You can ask them if they have any other options they can use that are less toxic and then what you can expect after the first treatment. Educating yourself on the type of pest you are encountering, the best way to get rid of them and then working with your pest control company is the best way to go!


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