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Bed Bug Warning Signs You Can Not Ignore

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We’re given warnings all the time in our every day lives about this or that, and from this source or that source, and we’ve gotten to be experts at ignoring those warnings. We see our check engine light come on and dismiss it as a loose gas cap. We hear a rattle in the furnace and close our eyes and write it off to the pipes expanding. But there are some warning signs we should never ignore, including those tell-tale signs that bed bugs leave behind.


Shed Bed Bug Skins

Bed bugs are really good at hiding and avoiding detection but there are several noticeable warning signs that you may have bed bugs:

  1. Often the first signs we see of bed bugs are bites and welts on our skin. However, bites don’t always mean bed bugs as many insect bites, including mosquitoes, look similar to bed bug bites. If you do see bites take it as a warning and look for other signs of bed bugs.
  2. Small brown spots or stains on a mattress can indicate that bed bugs have been feasting on a human victim and have left blood stains or their feces behind.
  3. Bed bugs also go through stages of growth and shed their exoskeleton multiple times. You might find the discarded skins in the corners or seams of your mattress, behind the headboard, or in cracks in your walls or carpet.
  4. Seeing the actual bed bugs is a bit more than a warning and is confirmation of a problem, but knowing what bed bugs look like is important. They often hide around the bed and are brownish to reddish and a bit flat and almond shaped.

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As with other warning signs, we might want to bury our heads under the covers and hope the problem goes away, but that is not a good solution for bed bugs. A few bed bugs contained to one room of the house, such as one bedroom, can be eliminated fairly easily with professional assistance. If you ignore the problem, bed bugs will reproduce and multiply and can quickly infest your entire house, from couches to carpets and even clothing. Once this happens you have a big problem that can get costly to get rid of. Paying attention to the warning signs and addressing the problem right away is a better solution.

If you do see the warning signs of bed bugs in your home, workplace or school, it’s best to contact a professional like those at Natural Pest Solutions. Bed bugs and their eggs are extremely hardy and resistant to many home remedies. Pest control experts will do an inspection of your home and find all areas where bed bugs and their eggs are located and will determine the best solution to rid your home of the problem. The experts at Natural Pest Solutions use a variety of bed bug removal methods to ensure that the best and most effective treatment is used to eliminate your bed bug infestation.


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