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10 incredibly interesting bed bug facts you need to know

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Bed bugs are without a doubt one of the most common pests in today’s society. Due to the increase in global travel and secondhand furniture, these biting insects are able to spread quickly to multiple locations around the world, invading both homes and businesses alike.

Bed bug facts

Although these insects can causing aggravatingly itchy bites, they are quite fascinating when you get down to it. So, with this in mind, here are 10 incredibly interesting facts about bed bugs that you need to know.

1. Bed bugs love to travel

Yep, that’s correct. Bed bugs are keen travellers and they are really good at hitchhiking.

Suitcases, backpacks, handbags and even items of furniture, such as wardrobes and sofas all provide bed bugs with free travel to a new and exciting place to live.

2. They like to have their 3 square meals a day

If you’ve read our blog post around bed bug bites, you’ll know that they usually appear in a line.

Well, this is down to their feeding/biting habits which resembles a “breakfast, lunch and dinner” fashion. Pretty much after taking a bite and feeding from one spot they will move along and start to feed from another one.


3. Bed bugs are avid anesthesiologists

Why might you ask? Well, it’s all to do with the way they bite.

A bed bug’s saliva contains a range of components that act as an anaesthetic, which means they can bite you without disturbing you, which is why you can’t feel being bitten. It also contains other substances that help increase the blood flow.

4. They aren’t too fussed about where they live

bed-bug A common misconception is that bed bugs will inhabit a room if it’s dirty.

The truth of the matter is, bed bugs have no preference if a room is clean or dirty, all they really care about is is whether there is a source of good food nearby!


5. Bed bugs can lay a lot of eggs.

If conditions are favourable, bed bugs can quickly spread like wildfire.

Why is this? Well, if a single female bed bug has access to a strong and steady supply of blood she can lay up 500 eggs in her lifetime!


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6. Hide and seek champions

When they aren’t feeding, bed bugs like to hide and dwell in small cracks and crevices. These can be found anywhere from bed frames and headboards to wardrobes, sofas, and skirting boards.

Because of this, bed bugs can be quite tricky to spot with untrained eyes.


7. Bed bugs don’t like the heat

You would think with all the travelling they do, bed bugs would love the heat. However, that is not the case, so much so that heat is being used to help get rid of bed bugs as it affects them at each stage of their lifecycle.

Heat treatment is the only sure-fire way of killing 100% of bed bugs at all stages of their lifecycle. Temperatures must be in excess of 50 degrees centigrade, for a period of time, for it to be fully effective. This is achieved using industrial heaters, with a pest control technician carefully monitoring for cold spots to ensure the room is evenly heated so that bed bugs cannot escape the heat. The heat treatment process and the associated costs are discussed in more detailed here. Heat treatment kills not only bed bugs, but also moths, fleas and cockroaches that may be in the room.


8. They are really fussy eaters

Bed bugs are really fussy when it comes to their food. We all know that they like to live off a diet consisting of blood. But did you know, they can only feed directly from a host subject? They can’t live off spilt blood at all.


9. Bed bugs will sometimes go on a diet

Well, not really a diet, more like fasting.

If conditions are favourable, bed bugs can live up to 5 months without feeding. In some cases, this has even lasted up to 400 days due to low temperatures.

10. They are fighting back against insecticides

Previously, the main method of bed bug control was through the use of insecticides. However, in recent times these pesky biting insects have started to develop a resistance to these control methods.


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